Week 5

Introduction to Sampling (Part Two) [second task set]

Further investigations into manipulation of parameters of sounds using control objects of Max 7 and MIDI controllers; developing basic rhythmic structures with time-based control of sampled sound, using, for instance, playlist~, groove~ and chucker~. Further consideration of strategies for the creation of compositional form in electronic music.

Granular synthesis

Maybe have a quick look at how SuperCollider deals with sampling.  You don’t have to do this, but you might find it interesting, and any experience you get will come in useful later in all sorts of ways…

Task 2 is set this week.

Follow-up work

Watch this, particularly from about 15 minutes:

Robert Henke talk – co-author of Ableton Live, originally a Max patch.  Also see this:


The original Max patch can be downloaded here: