Task 1 –  Synthesis Task (to be set in Week 3) (25%)

Review the techniques for creating synthetic sounds with Max 7 that you have discovered. Create a patch in Max 7 that generates interesting, synthetic musical sounds by either i) allowing the user to manipulate the properties of the sounds via a MIDI control surface or ii) incorporates some basic algorithmic strategy for the automatic generation and rhythmic organization of synthetic sounds.

Task 2 –  Sampling Task (to be set in Week 5) (25%)

Review techniques for sampling and sample manipulation in Max 7 that you have investigated. Create a patch in Max 7 that allows the user to record and manipulated sounds. Pay particular attention to creating an effective and user-friendly interface. The patch should include some MIDI control over the process of manipulating the parameters of the recorded sounds.

Final Project (50%)

Prepare a composition/performance lasting between 3-4 minutes. This will use Max7 and/or Ableton, possibly in co-ordination with your chosen control mechanism. You will be scheduled a time to present your performance during week 12.

4.2. Submitting Your Work

All assignments should be submitted in accordance with the instructions provided, and to the i-Centre, on a USB stick, along with the appropriate cover sheet.

i-Centre submission

Deadline for USB submission of all materials (Tasks 1, 2 & Final Project) to the i-Centre:

2pm, Tuesday 9th January 2018.

The entire Portfolio must be submitted on a USB stick, along with the appropriate cover sheet. The USB must contains the following:

  • Two folders labelled ‘Task 1’ and ‘Task 2’, including all associated audio and computer programme files necessary for assessment;
  • One folder labelled ‘Final Project’ containing the patch of your final composition/performance and any associated audio and computer programme files necessary for assessment;
  • A write-up (as a Word .docx file), which should be no more than 500 words in length. This piece of writing should indicate your intentions for your project, make reference to any related work (e.g. the tasks and the work of current practitioners in computer music today, whose work interests you).
  • All the above should be enclosed within a folder at the root level of the USB, named with your student number (‘SID’), e.g. 012345;

All coursework assignments and other forms of assessment must be submitted by the published deadline which is detailed above. It is your responsibility to know when work is due to be submitted – ignorance of the deadline date will not be accepted as a reason for late or non-submission.

All student work which contributes to the eventual outcome of the module (ie: if it determines whether you will pass or fail the module and counts towards the mark you achieve for the module) is submitted via the iCentre using the formal submission sheet. Academic staff CANNOT accept this work directly from you.

If you decide to submit your work to the iCentre by post, it must arrive by midday on the due date. If you elect to post your work, you do so at your own risk and you must ensure that sufficient time is provided for your work to arrive at the iCentre. Posting your work the day before a deadline, albeit by first class post, is extremely risky and not advised.

Work that is submitted late – defined as up to five working days after the published submission deadline – will be accepted and marked. However, the element of the module’s assessment to which the work contributes will be capped with a maximum mark of 40%.

You are requested to keep a copy of your work.